What went down at the 1st PayrollHero Unwrapped for Restaurants

Yesterday, the NLV team organised the 1st PayrollHero Unwrapped session for the year. We decided to focus on the restaurant industry for this run, seeing how time, attendance, and scheduling is a big pain point for food operations as they have to handle remote branches and rotating shifts for their employees.
It was a great turnout for our first run, with various food businesses represented—a Chinese food chain, a gelateria, an entertainment food concessionaire, a Spanish tapas bar and restaurant, and even others from outside the food industry.
Steve Jagger, straight from Singapore, jumped right in and showed the crowd how companies such as Krispy Kreme, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and Family Mart, have taken away a lot of HR and operational problems simply by shifting to PayrollHero.
While some attendees were already familiar with PayrollHero’s features such as the Selfie Clock In and Time, Attendance, and Scheduling system, Steve also unwrapped a couple of exciting new ones that are now on beta, but will definitely make PayrollHero an indispensable tool for every business owner.
First is the Xray Insights app, which gives a real-time and easy-to-understand snapshot of your business—such as staffing levels per location and attendance overview—which you just access with your smartphone. Steve mentioned how this tool can also help owners keep an eye on their employees remotely, since sometimes, their presence can ‘artificially’ affect the performance of their staff.
Another  interesting feature of Xray Insights is the Optimize function where you can see where your employees live in relation to your different branches, so you can staff accordingly.
XrayInsights_3Xray Insights_4
Then there is Daily Pulse, which allows employees to give a “thumbs up” to a teammate who has done exceptional work for the day. This peer-to-peer rating system lets management get a more unbiased view of who their star employees are. On the other end, the Customer Feedback tool lets customers to rate your staff by using iPads mounted on your cashier or counter. These two tools are now being used by Krispy Kreme, along with the Apply For A Job feature, which can help shorten the screening process for restaurants by letting applicants answer preliminary questions via a tablet.
Customer Insight
Steve explained how the PayrollHero team regularly builds new features to answer more problems for business owners. In the end, the ultimate goal is to provide business intelligence—where business owners can simply pull up data about their workforce and operations, so they can make quicker and smarter decisions about the business.
More PayrollHero Unwrapped sessions are lined up for the year, and we’re hosting for different industries such as retail, BPOs, start-ups, and others. We’ll let you know when our March session is!
If you have inquiries about PayrollHero Unwrapped, just email trish@nlv.com.ph.
If you missed the session, don’t worry. You can still see PayrollHero in action on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/user/payrollhero
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