Training: Daring to Grow

Many years ago a buddy of mine convinced me to go to a local franchise sports gym in Los Angeles, California. I was never an athlete and really never step foot in a gym ever in my life. I was the guy in Physical Education that was always picked last and wasn’t really good at any sport. Well by the time we were done there I had for some reason bought a whole year and 12 training sessions. What was I thinking? Why did I spend all that money?

The next day I decided to go back to the gym and see if I could get a full refund. But that wasn’t meant to be. Jim, the trainer there was quite convincing and he asked me, “What goals do you have for your physical fitness?” No one ever asked me that question before so I thought about it and replied, “Well I guess that I could be healthier and in better shape than I currently am.” He began to show me a schedule that was broken down into bite size pieces and shared a suggested program that I could do.

The next day I showed up for my first training session with Jim. I could barely lift a 10-pound dumbbell. Jim quickly reminded me that it would take time and perseverance but that if I started small and kept with the program, I would see results in a few months. He took me through the various routines and I began my trek toward some needed fitness in my life.

All this to say, that eventually after sticking with the program for about 6 months I began to see significant development in my physique, stamina and strength. Over the next few years my gym partners were usually bigger and better than me and I was always in a place of learning and seeing how I could improve. I remember one day in particular. We were doing chest bench presses and my set was up. At the time, I weighed about 135 pounds and my gym buddy said you should try two plates on each side. “Don’t worry, I got you!” To my surprise, I was actually able to do a full set of them! This was 225 pounds–90 pounds over my body weight!

I share this story because it reminds me that in life there are always situations that we may think we can never achieve so we don’t try. We shrink back and choose the easier path.

In our business culture, it’s critical to invest in the training of the workforce. The root word of training means to draw out. What are the things that you want to draw out in yourself? In your team? Out of your company? 

It’s through the process of training that people can grow beyond their current status. The point is not to be a show off but rather to become more productive so that the company grows.

What would your best team look like? What are the top qualities that you would dream to have in your workforce? What are the things that you want to achieve but never thought you could? All of these things are quite possible if you take the time to break things down and begin the process of taking the first steps toward growth.

The first step is to acknowledge that you need to change something in yourself and adopt something new to challenge you out of your comfort zone.

  • What are the things that you need to take a risk in to grow?
  • What are the realistic goals that you want to achieve in the next quarter?
  • Who are the people that you need to collaborate with to help you achieve these goals?
  • Who are the role models around you that are performing better than you? What can you learn from them?

These are just a few of the questions that would be helpful to assist you in your trek of pursuing a lifestyle of learning and growing.

As this year comes to a close, think about what specific items you would like to take a risk in to challenge and grow in the coming year. What are the specific items that you need to train yourself up in? Are you willing to dare to grow?

Neil Nakamoto is the Program Head of ROLE
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