To the Twenty-Something: Make the Most of Your Youth

This article is not to tell “not-so-young” people about their “lack” of promise.. because that’s just not true. The objective of this article is to remind the youth of what’s ahead of them, IF they work hard and be committed to their own success.


Hopes and Dreams Are Calls to Action

In any “imperfect” situation, we all have a certain wish list or “hope”. It can be the “wish” to have a better work-life balance, a better-paying job, or simply the hope to rid yourself of certain bad habits (like smoking, eating too much, spending too much money etc). What people should realize is that these are not “empty hopes”. They are, on their own, call to actions, inviting us to the kind of life we can have if we work for it. 

That being the case, if you dream of becoming a successful doctor, entrepreneur, scientist etc. then you can work for it. Your dream can literally be your future. 

Training is the Best Predictor of Success

No one succeeds automatically. Success is a product of working hard, discipline, learning as much as you can, constant improvement, among others. Olympic winners don’t win by deciding to train a month before the competition. Olympic winners win because they have conditioned themselves to be winners. They are prepared physically, mentally and spiritually. They are trained to lastThis gives them a higher chance to succeed.

Your “Worth” = What You Are Now + What You’ll be in the Future

Being youthful allows you to have a lot more time to develop yourself to who you can eventually become. It gives you an opportunity to better train yourself for success. It allows you to shape yourself into something that’s going to be worth MORE in the future. Constantly remind yourself of the opportunity cost in spending your time in something over the other. If you are able to harness your resources well, then you would feel the results.

P.S. If you’re in your 20’s, start committing to something — it can be cause, an idea, an adventure, yourself even. 

After discussing these three key points, here is the single biggest point: Young people are filled with so much promise. They have their whole lives ahead of them. They can be anything they want to be. So make the most out of it. Stop spending your time chasing temporary happiness. Try to build something meaningful.



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