The Power of Knowing What Motivates You

Everyone has a goal, or at least, everyone who wants to go somewhere should have one.

It can be to become a millionaire by the age of 25 or to open your first art gallery in 2 years. It can be to save up and marry your highschool sweetheart or something as simple as to finish 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Whatever your goal may be, it is always supported by your motivation to accomplish it. The motivation gives you the reason to push for your goals.

Reality hits however, when forks appear on the road and stumbling blocks keep you from pushing ahead. These incidents bring doubts that cloud your mind and you encounter one of or a combination of these thoughts: “Why am I doing this?”, “It’s too hard!”, “What difference does this even make?”, “I can’t do it anyway”, or “Maybe I should stop.” These are all very natural feelings since nothing great ever comes easy. However, the key differentiator between a person who succeeds and who doesn’t is what they do AFTER encountering these thoughts. Knowing what motivates you is the key to regaining the rhythm to bring you back to the path forward.

Understand Why You’re Discouraged.

If you are beset with problems that upset your rhythm, sit down and assess the situation. Why is this happening to you? Know what caused you to doubt yourself and/or to feel down. Are you just feeling exhausted? Or are you just emotionally and/or mentally drained? Do you feel like you want to recalibrate your goal? Face the reason head-on. Label it to rectify it.

Understand What Motivates You and Get Power From It

The next step is to remind yourself WHY you’re achieving your goal. Go to that place that makes your heart pound with mix emotions – the one with excitement, eagerness, enthusiasm and inexplicable drive. Whether it’s to marry the man/woman of your dreams, or to be healthy and physically in control of your body, remember the feeling of being motivated in achieving that big goal. Then, think of already achieving your goal and get energy from what it made you feel.

There are two general directions this exercise can go. It’s either you realize that you really want to achieve your goal or you don’t. Whatever the reason may be, the important thing is to be clear on “why”. That will give you enough clarity to decide on how to proceed.

Keep setting your sights on that big goal of yours. Remember that other than motivation, commitment is another necessary ingredient that will allow you to continue to work for your goal. Motivation answers “why”, commitment gets you going. Being clear on the reason you’re doing can sometimes already be half the battle.


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