The Power of Deliberateness

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I believe that success is often more than just luck, and it should be treated as such. The role of deliberateness then is to always know the goal, and work backwards from it, rather than achieving small tasks and hoping that they all amount to something significant eventually. The latter subscribes to a practice of being busy rather than productive, which is something that has been shunned repeatedly across various online publications if you’ve noticed— and for good reason! Especially in a young company where you are responsible for the business becoming a success or not, every task counts, and if you have forgotten why you are doing something or have not thought about whether there is some way it could be done better and more efficiently, you risk being busy instead of productive.

Furthermore, actions should be proactive rather than reactive. It happens all too often: our lives are suddenly slaves to our e-mail inboxes and phones and paperwork. The first step out of that trap is to STOP. Once in a while, STOP letting the work control you. If you find yourself spending hours answering mostly useless e-mails, or spending the better part of a day filling up forms or reports and such, STOP! Step back and really think—is this important? Is there a better way of doing this? Is this still in line with my goal?

The ‘goal’ is more than just your job description, and also more than just numbers. What is it that you want to say that you have accomplished? What is it that you want your team to have engineered? Whose lives do you want to have made better? It must be something you believe in, and what you believe in must be aligned with the company’s objectives. I say that it’s more than just numbers because while they are important because they serve as measurements for targets (and measurements are the only way to determine results), it’s not the numbers alone that drive people, it’s purpose. In fact, you know you have a good team when numbers matter a lot to them but there’s always more to it than just the numbers. For instance, you cannot see customers as simply numbers. Each one has a name, a unique need, and thus a unique way to be approached.

Similarly, each person’s contribution goes beyond any number. One person may be hitting their numbers but what if they were the wrong numbers to begin with? You never would have known if you hadn’t learned to step back once in a while, revisit the goal and the ever-changing environment, and optimize. That is the beauty and the challenge of working in the tech space. One day you think that you’re doing extremely well because you are making your targets, and then the next day you realize that there’s a better way of doing things, a better thing to measure, a better product to sell, even! It happens all the time, and with a little humility and agility we adapt.

Certainly, deliberateness does not guarantee success but I believe it’s a step in the right direction. So as you keep moving forward, never be lost, and never be too busy to stop and check if you and your team are on track!

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Mita Veloso

Mita Veloso is a business developer at New Leaf Ventures, transforming ordinary business processes into cloud-powered super systems - one business at a time. Also, she is an active mountain climber and pole dancer - for fitness of course! Just goes to show you how freeing technology truly is!

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