Thanks Google: Stories That Will Make You Grateful for Technology

Google has done A LOT of things. They provide services like Google Search, online advertising, cloud computing and different software solutions. Despite all they’ve done, people don’t always have a positive opinion about them. So, for this article, we want you to be amazed—and inspired—by a few stories of how Google has dramatically changed people’s lives.

Google Glass Helping a Quadriplegic Take Control of Her Life Once More

Aleksandra Blaszczuk had an accident in 2012 that left her paralyzed from the chest down. Her condition has prevented her from doing “regular” things people her age do — like being physically and socially active. Thanks to Google Glass, she can do all those and so much more. She can now find her way around, look up the weather, and chronicle her camping trips.

Although immobile, through voice activation, she can browse the web and even find her way around New York City through Google Maps. Siri has become a handy pal for this Columbia Law student because she can quickly look anything up on Google and the results would be displayed on the right lens of her Glass.

Google Reunites

When Super Typhoon Yolanda — international name, Haiyan — devastated the Philippines, it killed thousands and displaced many families.

It became impossible to contact anyone in hard-hit areas since communication lines were dead. This left loved ones from abroad worried sick.

Thanks to CNN iReport and Google’s crisis map finder, people were able to locate their families in the Visayas region by posting their pictures and other details like name, age and city of residence.

Andrew Enderez, who works in the UAE, posted a photo of his family and eventually found out that his wife and children are safe.

Andrionni Ribo of California was able to track down his dad several days after the typhoon, and so did Dean Hayes who was looking for his brother in Tacloban.

But missing relatives weren’t the only ones Google was able to reunite.

In 2010, Willie was finally able to track down his special girl after 24 years of being apart. Both of them met in 1986, long before Google even existed. He then decided to google her by typing in her name and hometown. He then emailed her and soon got reunited with his love.

This touching Google ad that showed how two friends separated by the India-Pakistan partition found each other is similar to how Adrian of the Netherlands found his biological mother after 43 years. How he did it was similar to what the girl did in the ad. He googled her name and did some additional research to verify the information. Finally in 2009, he and his mom finally met in person.

These Google stories are just examples of how the most popular–and most powerful–search engine in the world isn’t just limited to finding your next dinner venue or word definitions. They have a meaningful and palpable impact on people and have changed lives for the better.


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