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Social Media 101: Make Conversation King

We often hear people say, “Content is King.” I used to fully believe it. But as I experiment on our social media accounts, I’ve come to believe that Conversation is King. Social Media values conversation—people interacting with your brand and with each other. The worst way to think of it is believing it’s a one-way

More and More People Get News via Facebook

Anyone on the internet these days has witnessed how the news has integrated with our social media feeds, in this case, Facebook. We now get so much of our news from Facebook, and most of the time, it’s a reflection of what people are sharing.  A recent study from Pew Research revealed that roughly 30% of adults

Safe and Sound: Leave No Trace with These Snapchat-Like Messaging Tools

In the wake of the recent celebrity photo leaks, people have been left wondering just how safe their personal information is online. Apple’s iCloud has may have lost a HUGE chunk of its credibility in terms of user privacy, but much of our information is already on the web and a lot of which is archived. The fact