Q&A with JP Werlin, Co-Founder of PipelineDeals: On Start-Up Entrepreneurship

Two weeks ago, we  welcomed a special guest here at the NLV office. JP Werlin, Co-Founder and CEO of PipelineDeals, flew in from Seattle to talk to us about the increasing role of technology in today’s sales. It was a great opportunity for the team, not just to learn sales tactics from a pro, but to meet

5 Winning Traits of the Modern Sales Professional

  1. Observes social media etiquette: pull more than push  If you’re active on social media, chances are, you’ve received an unsolicited Facebook message, a Twitter DM, or a LinkedIn InMail, from someone inviting you to buy something.  Social media is a very powerful tool for any business and not just for sales. But, it should be handled with great care. People

3 Tools To Make Planning Sales Meetings Easy – PipelineDeals

This article was originally published by our friends at     The logistics around your meetings should be the easy part. Find out about three different types of tools you should use so you can focus more on your customer. Meetings with your leads are valuable. Unfortunately, the logistics around sales meetings are annoying. Finding

7 Ways to Better Email Marketing

Throughout the substantial amount of time people spend in front of their computers, they are constantly barraged by emails from unwanted subscriptions. So if you’re marketing through email, how exactly do you make yours stand out? With that question in mind, we put together some tips on how to actually keep your audience interested and transform

Sell It: Developing Your Selling Skills to Your Advantage

Though we often relate selling to pitching to potential clients, almost everything in life involves “buying” and “selling.” Your service, for example, is what your company buys from you as you sell them your talents and abilities as an employee. Being in sales, I’ve learned that being a salesman gives you more than just the