7 Ways to Better Email Marketing

Throughout the substantial amount of time people spend in front of their computers, they are constantly barraged by emails from unwanted subscriptions. So if you’re marketing through email, how exactly do you make yours stand out? With that question in mind, we put together some tips on how to actually keep your audience interested and transform

Best Gmail Features That Will Change Your Life

To call Email a “big part of our lives” is an understatement — a huge one. Emailing has transformed what used to take months into a process that now only takes a matter of seconds. It has connected us to every corner of the globe and makes communicating with people all over the world as

Safe and Sound: Leave No Trace with These Snapchat-Like Messaging Tools

In the wake of the recent celebrity photo leaks, people have been left wondering just how safe their personal information is online. Apple’s iCloud has may have lost a HUGE chunk of its credibility in terms of user privacy, but much of our information is already on the web and a lot of which is archived. The fact