Social Media 101: Make Conversation King

We often hear people say, “Content is King.” I used to fully believe it. But as I experiment on our social media accounts, I’ve come to believe that Conversation is King.

Social Media values conversationpeople interacting with your brand and with each other.

The worst way to think of it is believing it’s a one-way channel, very similar to traditional forms of media. This is pretty much the idea behind “content is king”– the brand feeding content to its followers/fans.

Of course, having great content is important, but you should focus on the people. Get to know your followers via the same channels.

Listening to what they care about and feel is important. Craft content around it. Post it and engage them.

If you do this, you’ll get more shares/retweets, more conversation (In Facebook that’s more “Talking about this”, which boosts your Edgerank score), better maximizing your social media accounts.

Think of your followers as the person you’re dating. You don’t throw them awesome facts about you every opportunity you can. You need to start a genuine conversation, share a joke, make them laugh and charm them once in a while. You need to listen to their thoughts, respond and build a relationship. That’s a best thing about social media, it is a channel that will allow you to constantly engage your followers without spending too much.

Of course as you better engage your fans, you’re opening yourself up to criticism and comments. In handling social media, it would be best to have a plan in dealing with these situations. It never goes away. But receiving criticism should not stop you form harnessing this powerful channel.

Always remember that technology is only a tool. It is always about the people behind it.


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