Sell It: Developing Your Selling Skills to Your Advantage

Though we often relate selling to pitching to potential clients, almost everything in life involves “buying” and “selling.”

Your service, for example, is what your company buys from you as you sell them your talents and abilities as an employee.

Being in sales, I’ve learned that being a salesman gives you more than just the ability to sell products to customers, it builds intrinsic skills that you can use in day-to-day life.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell Your Ideas

The worst that can happen is that your idea gets rejected. Rejection only means that you have yet to build a solid case for your idea. Being able to sell well requires you to plan ahead and look at the circumstances of your pitch. This includes resolving possible loopholes that might hinder the buyer/approver to realize the value of what you’re selling.

Create a Selling Story

In relation to the first point, selling is not just about an idea or a product; it’s about tailor-fitting that idea /product to the needs of your potential buyer. We call this the “selling story” and is the cornerstone of a great pitch. By understanding their needs and putting these at the forefront of your pitch, you give them a reason to buy your product. 

Find the Right Buyer

Look for individuals that will actually benefit from your product. As much as you need to study the customer, you also need to study your product. Who will get the most value for it? Not only will that person love you for giving them the solution to their needs, selling to the right people will make it easier for you to sell something else– maybe an upgrade or a new product. Create your selling stories for these people.

Leave Room for Negotiation

Never go all-in when you’re trying to make a sale. Try asking for something more. From there, work your way until you’ve reached a point where it is mutually beneficial for both parties. You’ll find that people are more willing to work with you when you work at the agreement together, rather than you pushing your desired objective.

These are basic selling skills that you can use in your day-to-day life as an employee or as an entrepreneur. As an employee, why not sell your idea for a company outing by creating a selling story that revolves around employee engagement? As an entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to pitch to your potential buyers – each rejection simply sharpens your ideas and helps you look at things from a better lens.

Make selling part of your day-to-day life and soon enough you will be able to sell your way through everything!


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