Cebu’s hottest pizzeria is moving their HR to the Cloud

Yesterday, we met Gladys Decano during her Payroll Training and Certification for PayrollHero, here at the NLV office. Everybody got excited because Gladys came all the way from Cebu, representing one of the hottest restaurants there right now—Pizza Republic.
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Gladys Certena of Pizza Republic, posing with our own Cholo Lojo from Client Success
Pizza Republic Pick + Mix by Giuseppe Genco is known for its build-your-own-pizza concept. For only Php 245,  you can get a 10-inch pizza and choose among 60 fresh toppings, most of which are imported all the way from Italy. Your pizza is then loaded into their own wood-fire brick oven for that perfectly-charred dough.
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Photo from Pizza Republic’s website
The restaurant just opened last June 2014, but it has been getting a lot of raves from bloggers and celebrity chefs alike  (Chef Gene Gonzales has named it as one of the best restaurants in Cebu). Early this year, it has opened a second store in Bacolod, and soon, we’ll be seeing them in Iloilo, Cagayan, and Boracay. That’s impressive for a restaurant less than a year old!
It surely is an exciting time for Pizza Republic, but for Gladys, it’s time to buckle up. Currently, she handles payroll admin for 20 employees of the Lahug branch, and it takes her five days to manage their payroll and make sure that all their working hours are accounted for. At this rate, it would take her 20 hours to manage payroll for a 5-branch store!
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Photo from Pizza Republic’s site
“This is why I’m looking forward to using  the system [PayrollHero]. It would really make my life easier. I don’t have to go to all our other branches to make sure they’re running smoothly. I just have to call if there are any problems,” said Gladys after her payroll training. NLV’s Client Success team is currently focused on training Gladys, so that when she goes back home to Cebu, she can cut down her payroll processing—from 5 days to only minutes.
 Fast-growing restaurants like Pizza Republic are truly some of the most ideal users of PayrollHero. Since the system is cloud-based, Pizza Republic’s HR or management team can access information across their different branches, in real time. They will be able to see if a branch is understaffed for the day, they can manage employees’ shifts more efficiently and, if they do need to hire more people, they can add simply add them into the system. It is all scalable, making it much easier to expand in the future. Less time for payroll admin means more time focusing on the food, the customers, and their employees’ welfare.
We can’t wait to hear back from Gladys again—hopefully next time, there would be a box of fresh pizza waiting for us, too.
If you’re in Cebu, make sure to try out Pizza Republic Pick + Mix by Giuseppe Genco!
Address: Salinas Drive (across Golden Cowrie), Lahug, Cebu City
Contact Numbers: 0998 552 0667 | (032) 266 3397
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Check them out on Facebook (, Twitter  (@_pizzarepublic) and Instagram (@_pizzarepublic) .
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