PayrollHero’s new XRay Insights app is a power tool for every business owner

App brings workforce analytics straight to business owners’ hands


PayrollHero, the three-year-old start-up changing the way employees clock in for work, has quietly launched a new app that gives business owners and managers immediate insights into their workforce.

Called Xray Insights, the iOS app ties in with a company’s PayrollHero Account and presents data in an easy-to-understand snapshot. The app provides data such as:

  • Demographic overview – See a demographic breakdown of your workforce
  • Attendance overview – Get alerts on attendance issues and see who is clocking in late, who the early birds are, or who is attempting to buddy punch
  • Staffing levels – Know how many people are clocked in at each store location at any time to see if you need to cross-post some employees
  • Optimize – Have a better understanding of how your employees’ commute impact the business so you can improve or correct the hiring process


While these information have always been available for account administrators of PayrollHero users, the goal of the app is to make them more actionable.


Xray Insights_1Xray Insights_2XrayInsights_2


“A lot of businesses are overwhelmed by the growing amount of data they gather about their organisation. They get stuck and cannot put them to good use. We want to put real time data in the palm of our clients hand. We live in a fast paced world and want to help business owners, HR professionals, marketing team and payroll administrators make better decisions,” says Steve Jagger, Co-founder of PayrollHero.

Existing PayrollHero users who are interested in this service can now sign up for free while it is still in the beta phase, and they will get the opportunity to help and provide feedback around the service. The app will eventually be released as a paid service.

If you want to sign up for Xray Insights, please visit or email Steve Jagger at


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