Online Marketing Ideas To Better Promote Your Restaurant

More and more apps and online tools are bridging the market with the restaurant industry. Restaurants don’t necessarily need a huge budget to stay ahead of the game. Most of the time, having a strong online and social media presence can already do wonders.

Here are some suggestions for building a powerful marketing campaign for restaurants:

Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Ready

Nowadays, if people want to know about anything, they ask Google. That being the case, once Google suggests your restaurant, a mobile version of your website should be available. Why? Because they are most likely using their mobile phones or tablets. 

How many times have you found yourself checking information on your mobile phone? “What time does the restaurant open?” “What street is it on again?” “What number do I call to make a reservation?” These  are the questions your potential customers are likely to ask. Make sure they can to see it easily through their mobile devices.

TIP: Remember that your website MIGHT be the first interaction of the potential customer with your restaurant. Make sure that your website will invoke the right feel for your establishment.

Make Sure Your Website Has All the Information Your Searchers Are Looking For

Here is a simple checklist of the things people SHOULD see in your restaurant:

  • Menu (preferably with Pictures and Prices)
  • Contact Details — Location, Telephone/Mobile Number
  • Operating Hours
  • Available Deals and Promos
  • Reviews/Feedback
TIP: Make sure this information is easily seen on your website. It should be that easy to spot.

Since You’re Creating a Website Anyway, Make an Effort to Convert Your Visitors to Customers

How? Offer deals. Give a promo code. Offer to cook a special dish “available only to those who booked online.”

Be creative about it. They’re already there, make an effort to lure them in even further.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Word of Mouth as we know is one of the best marketing tools out there, and thanks to the rise of Social Media, it’s become even more powerful.

People like to put their interests and opinions via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let them do your marketing for you by giving them something good to say. However, this puts the pressure on the establishment to ensure that every food item and customer is treated with exceptional care. After all, bad reviews can spread just as quickly as good ones via Social Media. 

TIP: As we see more and more food posts, make sure your dishes are “ready for the camera”– that would make it harder for people to resist posting their meals on Instagram.


You NEED to Have a Comments/Feedback Section

We can’t emphasize this enough. According to Harvard, a half-star increase in your social review ratings can increase annual revenue by 5-10%! Another study by the University of California shows that people are more trusting of the opinions of other, every-day-normal customers than those of critics or advertisements. This can be huge for your restaurant!

However, make sure to monitor forums and websites that talk about your restaurant. Or better yet, host the forum on your website. That way, you have better control of the content. 

Join Listings like Google Local, Munchpunch, Zomato, TripAdvisor Etc.

Once people Google “restaurant,” they should be able to find you. No exceptions.

These are just a few things you can do to promote your restaurant. They’re all extremely cost-efficient and incredibly easy to do. Get online and maximize the potential the Internet gives you to promote your restaurant and grow your business!



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