NLV soft-launches “Tech-Powered Sales”

Last February 26, 2015, we had the soft launch of Tech-Powered Sales, NLV’s exciting new initiative that aims to empower sales teams with digital, social, and tech knowledge.

And who better to kick-start this movement that JP Werlin, Co-Founder and CEO of PipelineDeals, who flew in all the way from the United States. PipelineDeals is a nine-year-old Sales CRM company that helps sales teams close more deals by organising the sales process (Read more about them here).

In a brief lunch session at 2nd’s, BGC, we invited some of the brightest financial / investment advisers in the country to exchange ideas on the current state of Philippine businesses, and the gap that technology can (and should) fill. These guys are not just experts in their field—they also mentor a lot of people in sales through their own websites.


Our guests include Jay and Cherry Castillo of Foreclosure Philippines (, a site centered on helping real estate investors achieve financial freedom; Jayson Lo, best-selling author of the book “YOUnique: Understanding Others by Understanding Yourself,” Edmund Lee, Founder, President and CEO of Caylum Trading Institute, which is one of the leading Stock Trading schools in the country, Jay Rodriguez of AXA, and Janna of Spectrum Investments, a leading property portfolio management company. Hosting the lunch as Inno Rendor, Business Development for PipelineDeals in the Philippines, and David Bonifacio, NLV’s Managing Director.

After this idea exchange, JP jumped in and gave everyone an overview of how global sales teams are closing more deals and managing their sales pipeline better through technology. In the Philippines, a lot of sales teams are held back by excel sheets that (1) don’t give real-time visibility into their sales pipeline (2) inefficient when it comes to tracking lead stages, and (3) takes time to organize. In a world where there’s an app for almost anything, and where digital technology is now more accessible to even the smallest businesses, sales people who can harness these technology can surely stand out in the cut-throat world of sales.

Other tactics that JP touched on are for improving response rates for cold calls and emails, effectively using LinkedIn for prospecting, and growing predictable revenue through an organised sales process.


It was a short yet exciting presentation, and in the end, everyone was bubbling with their own ideas on how to bring these tech tips to reality in their own companies.

Tech-Powered Sales will soon launch as its own section here at the Better Business Blog, where you can expect articles, videos, and mini-events focusing on the convergence of sales and technology. Tune in for more updates!

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Trish Elamparo

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