More and More People Get News via Facebook

Anyone on the internet these days has witnessed how the news has integrated with our social media feeds, in this case, Facebook. We now get so much of our news from Facebook, and most of the time, it’s a reflection of what people are sharing. 

A recent study from Pew Research revealed that roughly 30% of adults get at least some news via Facebook. The next social media channel for news? Youtube, with just about 10%. This proves that Facebook is a massive channel for news dissemination.

Furthermore, the study shows that most of these “exposure” to news articles is incidental. Most people don’t go to Facebook for news, they just happen to see interesting articles on their feeds. To put it in figures, 78% of adults see news articles on Facebook but only 34% actually liked a news organizations/personalities. This means news articles very “social.”

Facebook has also been a great tool for people to engage with the news.  More and more, people are uploading photos, commenting and offering insights etc. about any and all news, information, current events and trends. It has become truly interactive.

Even if the study is based on Americans, we’re pretty sure the trend is also similar here the Philippines — after all, no other country in the world is as active on Social Media as us.

Facebook content has shifted news to become more accessible and entertaining while still maintaining its function as informative. It has found a way to add more content to our feeds — we’re not just seeing status updates and pictures from our friends, we now see more articles, videos and ads.

What does this mean for your business? It means you should:

  • Make relevant content that people would want to share
  • Be on Facebook– plain and simple. Not just to sell, but to see what your market is interested in. 

Of the many wonders Social Media presents, one of them is undoubtedly its cost — it’s free, for the most part. Of course there are things you have to pay for, but those costs can pay great dividends if you play your cards right. But even if you only work within its parameters that come at no cost, the applications are endless. Learn that power, study its inner workings and build a better business by being Social Media savvy!


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