Let’s hack the world of sales! Invite NLV to your next sales meeting and we’ll show you how

Attention, sales warriors:

Are excel sheets slowing you down? Can’t keep up with your hundreds of leads? Is it hard to align with the rest of your sales team because they are always on the field?


In a world where there’s already an app for everything, why should sales be left behind?

NLV is presenting a Tech-Powered Sales Series, a mini seminar under one hour where we’ll give you a taste of what next-gen sales looks like.


What you’ll learn:

  • Using mobile + social for prospecting and lead generation
  • Speeding up the sales cycle with technology
  • Using data for CRM
  • Keeping your sales team more productive and connected


How does it work?

Invite NLV to your next sales meeting (your Sales Director should be there, too!), and spare 45-minutes for our Tech-Powered Sales presentation, tailored to your category / industry. We’ll bring the coffee, too!

If you want to nominate your sales team, just send an email to trish@nlv.com.ph, or call +63928 8721636 / +63 887 2322. 


Who is it for?

While this is open to all sales teams, it’s definitely best for:

  • Industries with large sales teams such as Real Estate, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Banking and Finance
  • B2B  / Software Sales Teams
  • Start-ups
  • Media / Advertising Agencies


Don’t get left behind. Tech-savvy sales teams are taking over your industry, so get started.

Invite us to your next sales meeting!


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Trish Elamparo

Trish is marketing manager for New Leaf Ventures, a company that helps businesses adapt to new technology and innovations. Prior to that, she worked for Mobext where she put up the country's first news blog for mobile marketing. She's been writing for a living since graduating in 2009, having worked for Adobo Magazine and Hinge Inquirer Publications. Check out the other things she writes about: https://trishelamparo.contently.com/

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