Increase Your Productivity with These Google Chrome Extensions

A simple way of boosting your productivity and enhance your internet browsing experience is to add an extension application to your internet browser.

In case you didn’t know, internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox have free downloadable extensions that range from productivity-enhancing tools to complex games.

Since Google Chrome is one of the more popular browsers today, we’ve decided to give you four apps which we feel will help you in your day-to-day browsing!

Session Buddy

We’ve all been there, opening tab after tab to read for “another time” only to end up closing the entire window and losing all those tabs forever. Session Buddy is perfect for that type of situation! The extension allows you to save multiple sessions — in their current state — as well as look back on the history of tabs you’ve opened. The tool even has a search function and can generate an exportable CSV file with the sites you’ve visited! This is a must-have  for anyone who has the habit of opening and leaving a ton of tabs open every time they surf the net – and let’s face it, who doesn’t?


The name says it all. It blocks advertisements, particularly helpful on popular websites that like to flood users with unwanted ads like Facebook, Youtube andthe like. With the amount of ads and windows we have to close every day, this is a very practical tool to have. It will guarantee to make your browsing experience less time consuming and distracting.

Magic Actions for Youtube

Those who spend a lot of time on Youtube are aware of all the time you spend saying no to ads. Going on the site means having to put up with pre-video advertisements, limited pre-buffering and multiple annotations on your viewing pane. If that’s you, then this is the extension you need!

With Magic Actions for Youtube, you gain access to multiple Youtube options such as faster loading, disabling auto-playing, hiding comments, and a lot more. It even allows you to take a screenshot of the video you are watching. Give this extension a try and change the way you browse Youtube.


Timestats is an extension that allows you to get a bigger and more accurate picture of your browsing habits. You can check how long and how frequently you visit specific websites. in a graph that is easy to understand — perfect for evaluating your time management. With this tool, you can see exactly how much time you spend being productive and otherwise. Knowing your browsing habits is the first step to internet productivity!

These are just four of our favorite picks to help you with your day-to-day browsing. Go to the Chrome Web Store now and find yourself some extensions/applications that suit your own personal browsing needs and preferences.



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