Certica Global: Empowering Expansions

It is always great to work with business who are empowered with the same vision as yours.
This is exactly what we felt when we caught up with Certica Global, one of the companies that New Leaf Ventures services for PayrollHero.
“The goal of any business is to grow, to scale, and to expand. But not all businesses have the capability to do so. This is where Certica Global steps in,” says  Ace Ballesteros, Marketing Director of Certica Global.
We met one Tuesday afternoon at their office in Ortigas, and one cannot help but to think of those cool start-up workplaces that we all wish we had.  Game room? Check. Fully-stocked pantry? Check. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and you can feel that everyone’s energy was still running high.
recreational area
Certica Global’s business is about helping other business to expand, providing them with resources and manpower critical for growth. Whether you are talking about a mid-sized restaurant looking for marketing support, or a family-owned business needing accounting support, Certica Global can fill in that need. Right now, majority of their clients are based in Australia, spanning industries such as hospitality, events and management, and direct sales.
On paper, the business model might sound similar to what BPOs do. But Certica Global is quick and firm to make the distinction: “With BPOs, you are outsourcing your business to a different company. With us, it’s like you’re simply renting space. We make sure that the quality of service you have in Australia is the same as what we provide here. It is still your company and you’re culture.  It’s just an extension of your office. We don’t have a fixed list of our services, but we tailor our products and services to what the business needs,” Ballesteros said.
With the Certica Global model, small to mid-sized businesses can efficiently scale without the burden of large overhead costs: they can start with a single seat with Certica Global first (instead of investing big on manpower right away) and then the company scales with them when needed.
Business Innovations
With the nature of their business, the ultimate goal of Certica Global is to alleviate the biggest fear of business owners when it comes to offshoring: the fear of the unknown—of losing control of the quality of the business that they worked hard to build. “It’s a big worry for entrepreneurs, especially since a lot of them consider their businesses as their baby. They are very protective of it,” Ballesteros quipped.
To address these concerns, technology plays a big role. The Philippine and Australian teams use a lot of cloud-based tools and Google Apps  for more efficient collaboration and virtual meetings. A monitor perched above the common workstation also streams real-time videos of the Australian office (and vice versa), so everyone feels that he / she is part of one team. The company also runs on fiber optic internet—with each workstation having redundant connections—to avoid any instance of connectivity interruptions.
Francinne San Juan, Global Expansion Manager of Certica Global, and Ace Ballesteros, Marketing Director
But with the large focus on recruitment and training, one can say that HR is the backbone of Certica Global. It is not just about finding skilled employees, but training them to adapt to the requirements and culture of Australian businesses. Right now, this is being handled by Francinne San Juan, Global Expansion Manager of Certica Global, and Des Magleo, Senior HR Associate, who have grown the team from seven people in 2013 to 50 this year. And they have tapped PayrollHero so that they can spend less time on administrative payroll-related tasks and focus more on the human side of HR.
Using PayrollHero would also be a big help as the company plans to triple their headcount by this year. The goal is to expand their current team of accountants and sales professionals to build a more full-service team with web developers, graphic artists, marketeers, and other resources. With PayrollHero, Des can easily add new employees on PayrollHero’s HRIS and organize their schedules more efficiently, especially if they have to come in at different hours.
And while high turnover rates is a big pain point for BPOs, Certica is proud of its 0% turnover.  This is because they really invest in training, a great workspace, and immersing their employees to the culture of their Australian business partners.
“Our people are our biggest asset. When a company signs on with us, we’re empowering them with a skilled workforce who can  develop with them and comply with their processes and management,” said San Juan. “We help businesses every step of the way as they expand, but we assure them that it is still going to be their business, only with a bigger workforce.”
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