What went down at the 1st PayrollHero Unwrapped for Restaurants

Yesterday, the NLV team organised the 1st PayrollHero Unwrapped session for the year. We decided to focus on the restaurant industry for this run, seeing how time, attendance, and scheduling is a big pain point for food operations as they have to handle remote branches and rotating shifts for their employees. It was a great turnout for our first run, with

10 Signs That it’s Time For a Tech Upgrade

The idea of getting new devices or software for your business has entered your mind, but you’ve been putting it off for the longest time. You figured that you can still live with your current system, nevermind that it is a bit slow and you know there are better things out there. You try to rationalize

Top 6 Influencers to Follow on Twitter: David Bonifacio’s list

One of the greatest things that connectivity has done is that it has democratized education. As long as you have an internet connection, you can teach yourself to do almost anything and everything. You can learn an entirely new skill all via YouTube, or you can surround yourself with the greatest minds of our time, simply by reading their

Calling all restaurant owners: You’re invited to PayrollHero Unwrapped For Restaurants

For growing businesses, payroll is a big pain. This is especially true for restaurants since they have to deal with multiple locations and revolving shifts. Is your payroll processing taking up the time you should be spending on your food and business? On February 17, Tuesday, we’re holding a PayrollHero Unwrapped session for restaurant owners,

PayrollHero’s new XRay Insights app is a power tool for every business owner

App brings workforce analytics straight to business owners’ hands   PayrollHero, the three-year-old start-up changing the way employees clock in for work, has quietly launched a new app that gives business owners and managers immediate insights into their workforce. Called Xray Insights, the iOS app ties in with a company’s PayrollHero Account and presents data

The Power of Deliberateness

Sharing this post  from one of NLV’s Better Business Consultants, Mita Veloso. Follow her on Medium – @mitaveloso     I believe that success is often more than just luck, and it should be treated as such. The role of deliberateness then is to always know the goal, and work backwards from it, rather than

Catch NLV’s talk at the HR Leadership Conference

Catch New Leaf Ventures’ managing director David Bonifacio on January 26 at the 5th Annual HR Leadership Conference, organized by the Businessmaker Academy and HR Club Philippines. The two-day event will focus on “Developing Leaders for ASEAN Integration,” and it will bring experts in the field of business, operations, and human resource. Some key topics for the

3 Tools To Make Planning Sales Meetings Easy – PipelineDeals

This article was originally published by our friends at     The logistics around your meetings should be the easy part. Find out about three different types of tools you should use so you can focus more on your customer. Meetings with your leads are valuable. Unfortunately, the logistics around sales meetings are annoying. Finding