Increase Your Productivity with These Google Chrome Extensions

A simple way of boosting your productivity and enhance your internet browsing experience is to add an extension application to your internet browser. In case you didn’t know, internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox have free downloadable extensions that range from productivity-enhancing tools to complex games. Since Google Chrome is one of the more popular

Pro Tips: Graphic Design for the Uninitiated

A piece of graphic design is more than just an embellishment. One common misconception of design is that it’s all about beautification. Many people approach graphic designers with the customary task of making this and that look pretty. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, most people overlook the functionality of graphic design and

Safe and Sound: Leave No Trace with These Snapchat-Like Messaging Tools

In the wake of the recent celebrity photo leaks, people have been left wondering just how safe their personal information is online. Apple’s iCloud has may have lost a HUGE chunk of its credibility in terms of user privacy, but much of our information is already on the web and a lot of which is archived. The fact