Free ebook: Sales Hacking for Starters

You have a great product that answers a real market need. You have an empowered team that knows what’s expected of them—and does them. But why are you not getting the lead volume that you feel you deserve? Why is your sales process getting longer and more drawn out? As you sit waiting for just

5 Winning Traits of the Modern Sales Professional

  1. Observes social media etiquette: pull more than push  If you’re active on social media, chances are, you’ve received an unsolicited Facebook message, a Twitter DM, or a LinkedIn InMail, from someone inviting you to buy something.  Social media is a very powerful tool for any business and not just for sales. But, it should be handled with great care. People

7 Ways to Better Email Marketing

Throughout the substantial amount of time people spend in front of their computers, they are constantly barraged by emails from unwanted subscriptions. So if you’re marketing through email, how exactly do you make yours stand out? With that question in mind, we put together some tips on how to actually keep your audience interested and transform

3 Tips To Enjoy “Overnight Success”

My title is misleading. But it’s worth making this point – even if it should be obvious – there is really no substitute for working really, really, really hard. Yet despite this, and despite all the evidence that hard work is an important ingredient of success, many people still chase the idea that working smart

5 Essential Things to Do When Starting a Business

You have just resigned from your previous job to start your own business. You have a great vision but still far from seeing it all come together. While you’re not where you wish to be just yet, here are our suggestions on the essential things you have to do to show that you’re the real deal.

Sell It: Developing Your Selling Skills to Your Advantage

Though we often relate selling to pitching to potential clients, almost everything in life involves “buying” and “selling.” Your service, for example, is what your company buys from you as you sell them your talents and abilities as an employee. Being in sales, I’ve learned that being a salesman gives you more than just the

More and More People Get News via Facebook

Anyone on the internet these days has witnessed how the news has integrated with our social media feeds, in this case, Facebook. We now get so much of our news from Facebook, and most of the time, it’s a reflection of what people are sharing.  A recent study from Pew Research revealed that roughly 30% of adults

5 Ways to Induce Personal Creativity

Many people shy away from the idea of creativity thinking that it is only fitting for those talented in the arts. Others think of their more creative ideas as incredibly silly, disabling them from actually taking these ideas seriously. At this point, it is good to note that absolutely everything that changed the world and/or