Why Buy From Startups?

Let’s face it. There are a lot of companies hesitant to buy from startups. It may be because they fear technology, are hesitant to use the “cloud”, or simply because they don’t “trust” it. To a certain extent, we get it.

However, believe it or not, you are constantly being influenced by startups — the way we live has been so integrated with the benefits put forward by them!

So we’ve compiled a list of reasons why they might actually work for you and your company:

They Provide an Innovative (and Often Easy) Solution to an Old Problem

Most startups obviously take the most advantage of recent developments in society and technology. They are able to creatively combine and concretize some ideas that we initially thought weren’t possible.

Take for example car service apps like GrabTaxi, EasyTaxi or UBER— they provide an innovative solution to our ubiquitous transportation problem. Or PayrollHero — which earlier this year was named one of the 20 hottest startups in Singapore — and how it provided a complete solution to the most common time and attendance problems.

Startups Offer REALLY Competitive Pricing

Since they are not yet that “established” and are just maneuvering their way around the market, most startups offer really low pricing (especially for the set of features they offer). Think of almost all the apps you know, most of them would probably be free (some only for a while or have trial periods or only cost a few dollars.)

Competitive pricing allows them to enter the market, “be forgiven” for some “imperfections” they might have, as well as to (eventually) crush “traditional” competition. 

Startups Care About Their Customers

Since most startups are relatively new, customer opinions really matter. Every comment you give, be it about existing or non-exisiting features, can have a significant impact on the direction of the product. Furthermore, most startups are almost always on call– they build support teams that are ready to respond to your every query. Finding the CEO of the company emailing you won’t be out of the ordinary should you have a concern or two. You would really feel like a big guy if you deal with startups.

Their Products Undergo Continuous Improvement

Startups are in the process of developing their products. That being the case, it’s almost a guarantee that today’s version of the product will be the “worst” version of it you’ll use.

Their Growth Potential is Enormous

It won’t be surprising to see startups eventually ruling a certain industry. Take for  example Whatsapp, Evernote or Instagram. They — to a certain extent — “defined” their own industry and ruled it. That allowed them to increase their market value dramatically. (And you’ll see that most of the people would end up using it)

They Can Change the World

Startups have the power to change the world. The next ones can do the same thing as what Facebook did to “media”, what Kindle did to “publication”, what “ebay” did to “commerce”, and/or what Skype to communication.

Although there certainly are downsides to using tools from startups, most of them actually provide you a way out (Sometimes, it’s literally you stopping usage). If you entail putting important information, make sure to check their privacy policy and/or always ensure that you’re able to export your data should you need them.


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