Best Driving Apps to Help You Navigate the Streets of Metro Manila

Traffic in Manila is so bad it’s enough to make anyone want to stop driving altogether.

Being a driver in Manila means you have to navigate through EDSA and other busy thoroughfares in the Metro. The mark of a skilled driver is the ability to weave in and out of traffic to get to your destination faster than other drivers on the road — well, “faster.” But however “skilled” a driver is, even if you’re a Formula One racer, you’re still going to get stuck . Traffic is unavoidable in this city, it’s like Death & Taxes.

Fortunately, the onset of technology has given way to the creation of driving apps that can (to an extent) ease the burden of driving in this particularly congested city.


This is one of the best driving apps out there. What sets Waze apart from regular traffic navigators is that it’s crowdsourced. This means that users—drivers and commuters—who are actually stuck in traffic, provide information in real-time.

You will be alerted of any roadblocks, accidents or build-ups along your route thanks to other users on the road. You can then find alternative routes and warn other drivers in turn by posting updates.

One cool feature of Waze is that is ties up with other social networking sites, allowing you to see where some of your friends are. So if you’re meeting with someone who is also a Waze user, you can track their actual location through the app — for better or worse.

Other impressive features of Waze include:

–  Gets traffic updates just by saying “traffic update” or “report traffic”
–  Records your usual route so it can reroute you when there’s a buildup or accident
–  Facebook event integration
–  You get points each time you report traffic information
–  Knows practically every street — even the minor ones — in the Metro.
– Oh and, the app navigator is voiced by Terry Crews.


This is the local counterpart of Waze (but is developed in Israel) and mainly uses Twitter for information.

This takes full advantage of the fact that many commuters tweet about their frustrations whenever they’re caught in a jam. By collating information from tweets, it helps drivers find out what the traffic situation in any given area is. It also features the standard color-coded map that shows how heavy traffic is in specific areas. and Text’nDrive

For the Blackberry users, these apps are perfect for professionals who are always bombarded with texts and emails from clients and bosses. Even checking messages while behind the wheel of a car is highly discouraged, it’s also sometimes unwise to ignore important messages.

These apps will allow you to do both as they will read your messages out loud. The premium versions come with a voice response feature that will let you compose a reply hands-free! Pretty awesome, right?

Lastly, of course we have the..

MMDA Traffic Navigator

It’s only fitting that the country’s main traffic management agency has its own driving app. Launched in 2011, Traffic Navigator is the result of MMDA’s partnership with Interaksyon, a news portal, and is a reliable source of traffic information. You should be able to find alternative routes because the app will show you which roads are light, moderate or heavy in traffic.

Available for iOS and Android users, Traffic Navigator gives you easy access to the thoroughfares in the Metro, offering  different types of views (system view or line view) of the traffic situation in all the major thoroughfares.

This traffic isn’t going away and it will continue to get worse. While we can’t do anything about it, we can find ways to navigate more effectively and avoid heavy buildups thanks to these apps. So download one of them today, because sooner or later, you’re going to need it



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