Awesome Gadgets You Wish You Had at Work

When you start working in a company, your IT/Admin personnel would most likely issue you some items to ensure that you have the right tools to accomplish your job. Most of the time, these would come as a laptop and a mobile phone. Those two items are not at all unexpected (and are not considered job perks) but are already treated as ‘requirements’ to make sure things run smoothly.

This notion has been embraced by millennials, who comprise 75% of the Philippine workforce, and grew up constantly connected to both the internet & their gadgets.

Now, the question is, why are local companies not investing in more advanced tech tools?

The right type of technology in the workplace makes employees more efficient, mobile and better at collaborating and communicating with each another, among other things. This translates to a better business, one where employees are able to flourish with the tools that adjust to their lifestyles and ‘workstyles’.

It’s not surprising then that in other parts of the world, an influx of super cool gadgets has hit the market to support this notion.

Here are our top picks of gadgets you wish you had at work:

Wireless Charging

You have a Blackberry for work, an android as your tablet and an Iphone as your personal phone. Add onto that your iPod, power bank, laptop etc. Sounds familiar? Well if it does, then you know very well how charging can be a pain. 

Enter the POWERMAT.

Imagine not having to worry about carrying all your different chargers to be able to power up, not to mention finding enough outlets to plug into (yeah, you know it). With this tool, all you need to do is to place your gadgets on top of the surface and it starts charging.

Smart Pen

We’re all used to typing up notes on our computer, but for me, there are still times when I’d rather initially use a pen and a notebook. It’s quicker, easier and allows for more creativity.

The only hassle comes when I have to spend time typing up everything I wrote down. People around the world are familiar with this situation. Hence, they made the Z Pen. With the Z Pen, no more wishing you had a minion to type everything up, it already does it for you!

Treadmill Desk

With a tagline “walk while you work”, Treaddesk promises reduced stress and weight-loss. No more cramming in a gym session before, after or during work hours. Now you can workout all day! Imagine completing a report and a 10 mile walk at the same time. (That’s two things cancelled from your to-do list!)

Solar Charger

With the amount of gadgets we juggle on a daily basis, a case of “no electricity” inevitably becomes a major problem. Lucky for us, living in Las Islas Filipinas means sunshine nearly all year round.

Introducing the XD Design Solardefenster. Just find your closest window, and with the help of the shining sun, you can charge away! It doesn’t hurt that you’re also helping the environment by using solar energy. Feels good to be good, doesn’t it?

Sleep Pod

Gone are the days when sleeping at the office is banned, some offices go as far as providing spaces dedicated for rest. Why? Because according to a Hardvard study, 1/3 of the workforce just isn’t getting enough sleep to perform at their peak productivity and this is costing companies a lot of money.

The solution? The Metronaps EnergyPod — a place where employees can go and nap without having to go home. The benefits of napping include increase in alertness, productivity, well being and learning.

Popularized by Google, sleep pods or energy chairs put you in the perfect nap position with soothing sounds and dim to no lights. Imagine getting that 15 min nap in the middle of the day, great isn’t it? Makes you want to get back to work.

Now, these are tools probably aren’t mainstream just yet. So try convincing your bosses to install some (maybe one) of them. Because if efficiency and productivity is what they want, with these tools, efficiency and productivity is what they’ll get, and who doesn’t want that?


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