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Onboarding: Preparing Your Employee for Success

Onboarding is a necessary process for all companies that want their employees to thrive and succeed.Their experience will have a direct correlation to their contribution. Onboarding is defined simply as the process through which new employees adopt the organization’s culture. This process isn’t simply the ability to recite information but it’s knowing how to thrive

Training: Daring to Grow

Many years ago a buddy of mine convinced me to go to a local franchise sports gym in Los Angeles, California. I was never an athlete and really never step foot in a gym ever in my life. I was the guy in Physical Education that was always picked last and wasn’t really good at

ROLE: Growth by Example

One of the most common statements that I heard growing up was “Do as I say and not as I do.” This always puzzled me as a child because I wondered why I had to comply to so many rules and regulations when those who were older than me could get away with not following