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Mita Veloso

Mita Veloso is a business developer at New Leaf Ventures, transforming ordinary business processes into cloud-powered super systems - one business at a time. Also, she is an active mountain climber and pole dancer - for fitness of course! Just goes to show you how freeing technology truly is!

The Power of Deliberateness

Sharing this post  from one of NLV’s Better Business Consultants, Mita Veloso. Follow her on Medium – @mitaveloso     I believe that success is often more than just luck, and it should be treated as such. The role of deliberateness then is to always know the goal, and work backwards from it, rather than

Tech Is for People and Love Is between Tools and Users (Not Companies)

The first time I fell in love with a SaaS was back in my Mobext days. While I was already involved in new business at the time, most of my work involved campaign and project management for existing clients. Despite it being my first job, I had handled projects for my college organizations so I went