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Josh Aquino

Josh is the newest member of New Leaf Venture's team and the new Editor-in-chief of The Better Business Blog. A published writer, photographer and videographer, Josh received his bachelor's degree in Journalism from Michigan State University's College of Communication Arts & Sciences. After graduating, he moved to New York City to begin his professional career. Then in late 2013, after plying his trade in different industries, he moved back to Manila and signed on with Elevation Partners Inc., a creative marketing agency catering to clients including The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Wingstop, IDC Manpower Inc., PestBusters and finally New Leaf Ventures.

Better Business Brunch: Training for Growth

This isn’t the first time we’re going to talk about training. We’ve talked about it many times before, so why keep repeating it? Because the best companies invest in people development. Join us on October 25 for the last installment of The People Series, and the last Better Business Brunch of 2014, for another enlightening

Fits and Starts: Conquering Career-Change Fears

Whether you’re starting at a new job or starting your first business, the fear of the unfamiliar and the idea of being put in an environment without the comforts and routines we’ve grown used to is daunting to say the least. Because although new beginnings present new opportunities, they also present new risks. We fear

We’re Back! The New Better Business Blog Has Arrived!

Welcome to the new Better Business Blog by New leaf Ventures! We’ve made a few adjustments to this blog to make it simpler and more practical. We want to be more focused, which is ultimately the reason behind the revamp. We’ve simplified everything we can, even the look of the blog itself, to focus on being