October , 2014

Start With You

Business isn’t glamorous. It may have some glamorous trappings and the media may present a polished picture, but the reality is business is bloody. This is why 80% of businesses fail within their first 18 months of starting. It’s really difficult. There are many moving pieces and many variables — some variables we don’t even

ROLE: Growth by Example

One of the most common statements that I heard growing up was “Do as I say and not as I do.” This always puzzled me as a child because I wondered why I had to comply to so many rules and regulations when those who were older than me could get away with not following

4 Simple Ways to Better Market Yourself at Work

We’ve seen it happen a lot of times– a better employee gets passed over for a promotion while the one who’s pushed up the corporate ladder isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.  You’d be surprised that it may not be because the universe is conspiring against you. It might actually be due to the

You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

In this first of many more articles that I will be publishing on this site, I thought it would be helpful to chronicle my entrepreneurial journey.  I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane with me. Running a Business in College When I was in college, I found out that students were either too

Why You Should Ditch the Treadmill and Start Running Outside

It’s great that “being fit” has become increasingly popular here in the Philippines over the last few years. Whether it’s setting up camp in the weight room, becoming Crossfit-crazed or getting into Yoga, it’s pretty clear — and pretty awesome — that Pinoys want to be fitter and healthier. One of the simplest ways to stay in shape

Unlimited Motivation

People are often driven to do something. Motivation is extremely important in encouraging actions. In the 21st century, money is still often seen as the key driver. And so, in a past Better Business Brunch about the Philippine Economy organized by New Leaf Ventures, the participants were asked what they would do if they had UNLIMITED MONEY. I had the opportunity to

Be a New Leaf Ventures Intern!

SPRINT INTERNSHIP PROGRAM Description We are looking for qualified interns who want to join our Business Development Team and experience firsthand what it’s like to do Business Development for a software-as-a-service, technology company. New Leaf Ventures is a tech company that invests in cloud-based business solutions from around the globe, best suited for the local

Better Business Brunch: Training for Growth

This isn’t the first time we’re going to talk about training. We’ve talked about it many times before, so why keep repeating it? Because the best companies invest in people development. Join us on October 25 for the last installment of The People Series, and the last Better Business Brunch of 2014, for another enlightening